About Us

Welcome to HIERON London, where we make spaces with serenity.

In an industry typified by headaches, we’re doing something different. HIERON London provides peace of mind with our area of expertise – the design and build of your space. Whether it’s a family home, a wellness facility or a place of business, we deliver with seamless excellence.

For us, simply executing the end result isn’t enough. It’s absolutely essential that our process is straightforward and stress-free too. We believe that the energy with which you build a space, is the same energy it will carry throughout its existence.

Disruption, chaos, hassle and hiccups – these are the nuisances that we’ve worked hard to eliminate from the HIERON London experience. Your space sets the scene, it’s the foundation for the future, so we make sure it’s built with care, calm and industry leading quality.

Our team

Jonathan Morris
Managing Director

Jonathan is a dedicated and innovative business leader who has achieved success through his hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. His ability to inspire others and drive meaningful change is a vital component of the success of HIERON London today. 

With a degree level qualification in construction management and drawing upon his service in the British Army and experience as a former international athlete representing Great Britain, Jonathan has developed a management style that prioritises attention to detail, discipline, and focus. 

Jonathan believes in collaboration, communication, and empowerment of his team. He understands the value of creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and inspired to do their best work, which has resulted in a highly motivated and productive team. 

When not at the white board, Jonathan can be found rolling around the dojo with his sons or spending time walking the coastline with his family. 

Sophie Harriott
Operations Director

Sophie is an accomplished Operations Director with over 10 years of experience in commercial and operational roles. With a solid background in project management, business operations, and commercial management, she brings a wealth of expertise to HIERON London.

With a focus on upholding our company values and ensuring a smooth and seamless process for our clients, Sophie is dedicated to implementing efficient systems and processes throughout the company, driving productivity and consistently delivering high-end projects. Her highly organised, motivated, and structured approach ensures that we stay one step ahead of chaos and maintain our commitment to excellence.

In her spare time, Sophie loves cultural activities and adventures, whether it’s hiking in nature or exploring new cities. She believes these experiences feed her creativity and help her approach challenges with fresh perspectives.

Joe Hacke

Joe has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and is both a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Chartered Builder.  He has worked on an impressive range of projects: from airport terminal buildings, main line train stations, rolling stock, secure satellite ground control stations to IT and high-tech baggage handling systems.   In the past 10 years Joes’ experience has primarily been in the delivery of luxury hotel, theatre, leisure and high-end residential developments.

Joe has a profound interest in the technical, commercial and legal aspects of each project and having worked in design, project management and construction management has developed the skills necessary to successfully manage consultant teams, main contractors and to act as the Principal Contractor with his own site team.

In his spare time Joe enjoys spending quality time with his family including his beloved bulldogs. When he’s not managing complex construction projects, you can find him getting his hands dirty working on his latest home renovation project.

Mark Heffernan
Managing Surveyor

Mark has dedicated his entire career to the construction industry, starting from humble beginnings as a labourer on building sites and progressing to managing large-scale residential developments with great success. Having spent the last 20 years in a Tier 1 Main Contracting environment on projects ranging from Education, Commercial, Leisure and Residential. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the HIERON London family.

Mark has particular focus on ensuring good commercial practise across all projects delivered by Hieron providing competitiveness and high-quality outputs to our clients. His focus has been on the introduction of several commercial processes in his drive for efficient working from Pre-Construction through to project delivery and handover.

He has built up a close network of suppliers and contractors and believes in working collaboratively to ensure a seamless journey through the construction process for all.

Mark spends his spare time with his growing young family and is a keen cyclist both recreationally and competitively.

Alistair newton
Design Director

Alistair is our Design Director with over a decade of post-qualification expertise, leading projects
personally from concept to completion. Graduating from the Royal College of Art and acquiring
professional qualification with the RIBA, Alistair blends artistic flair with technical precision. Over 15
years, he has developed a unique hands-on approach, tailoring each project to the specific needs of
his clients.

Beyond architecture, Alistair finds joy in brewing mead, a testament to his love for alchemy and
complexity. As a heavy metal enthusiast proficient in guitar and bass, he expresses creativity in both
architectural and musical realms. Despite being a self-proclaimed dog person, Alistair’s heart is
captured by his pet cats, adding a touch of warmth to his multifaceted personality. Alistair’s journey
is marked by a profound dedication to turning architectural dreams into tangible realities, creating
spaces that resonate with the essence of those who inhabit them.