Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Square Footage: 2000 sqft

HIERON London embarked on a transformative journey, breathing new life into the disused car park of MANOR SW1, fashioning it into London’s most unconventional and raw training facility.

The transformation began with the careful leveling of the floor, creating a canvas for a striking custom grey astro-turf, accented with vibrant yellow markings that seamlessly complemented the industrial aesthetics of the space. But the centerpiece of this project was the bespoke training rig, an innovative design harmonising with the unique drop shape of the ceiling, 

and tailored storage units thoughtfully integrated into the space’s alcoves.

Notably, our efforts have garnered international recognition, with Men’s Health Magazine naming this facility one of the world’s top gyms. This project represents an extraordinary achievement, offering a truly unique and exceptional training space that seamlessly marries the worlds of commercial and wellbeing.